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Compatible with iOS 11 to 16.

  • XinaA15 & palera1n supported
  • Dopamine & palera1n rootless supported

Power off / Reboot / ldrestart / safe mode / Respring / uicache / Lock / UserSpace Reboot are carried out in ControlCenter, Power off menu and Apps.

Wi-Fi IP, Global IP, uptime, RAM information can be displayed in the ControlCenter's information section.

UserSpace Reboot: kernel_task is not restarted so the device stays jailbroken -- this is *NOT* an untether.

  • checkra1n, unc0ver and odysseyra1n only support (default is off).
  • It may not work properly depending on the device status.

Enable libhooker & OpenSSH: libhooker and OpenSSH may be disabled after performing UserSpace Reboot, so enable each from the app.

  • odysseyra1n only support.

The "Reload OpenSSH" in the app is for enabling SSH on the iOS 16 palera1n jailbreak.

  • ldrestart does not work on palera1n on iOS 16. (2023/02/03)

For XinaA15 (2023/02/13)

  • Note: For XinaA15, the app's Power Off does not work when in Safe Mode.
  • Note: For XinaA15, the device will be rebooted when the Userspace reboot is performed.

How to bring up the Power Slider:

  • shortly press volume up > shortly press volume down, long press the power button, and then tap the icon part to switch. (iPhone 7 or later)

Configure options from Settings app.

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Changes Logs


- Minor code fixes

- Appropriately display alert messages even when not XinaA15 (for rootless)


- Add rootless package

- Code optimization

- Support SettingsRevamp
(Open Settings when Respring by Long press in Control Center is not turned on)


Support for XinaA15

- Note: For XinaA15, the app's Power Off does not work when in Safe Mode.

- Note: For XinaA15, the device will be rebooted when the Userspace reboot is performed.


- Fixed: Problem not reflected in CC in dark mode (iOS 13 & 14)

- Deleted: App share menu does not work, so it was deleted


- Support: iOS 15-16 palera1n jailbreak

- Rename: Just "PowerSelector"

- Added: The "Reload OpenSSH" in the app

- Delete: vnodebypass on/off feature in the app

- Code optimazation & Delete unneeded arm64e slices


Fixed: PowerSelector app crashes in Substitute v2.2.3

Fixed: Can't disable vnodebypass in PowerSelector app


For iOS 13 and above, the dark mode of the app now works with the system.

Fixed an issue where uicache wouldn't work (in coolstar's jailbreak)


Fixed Sileo's extra annoyance


Added: Item to kill "CommCenter & mediaserverd" in Control Center options. Default is off


Added: vnodebypass on/off feature in the app.


Deleted unnecessary explanations.


Enabled to run UserSpace Reboot with checkra1n.


Added: UserSpace Reboot
- unc0ver (tested v5.2.0) and odysseyra1n only support.

Added: Enable libhooker & OpenSSH (Applications)
- odysseyra1n only support.


Control Center's Long press

  • Corrects issues that conflict with NotifyWiFi X
  • Added compatibility with PreferenceOrganizer 2 and shuffle


Added: Respring by Long press (Control Center)
If you turn it on, press and hold the CC button to Respring. Otherwise, open the PowerSelector settings.


Added: Use Respring Only (Control Center)
If you turn it on, tap the CC button and it will immediately respring.


Fixed: The setting screen was not displayed correctly on iOS 12 and below devices


PowerSlider Support for iOS 13


Add: sbreload option

Add: option to show uptime on CC (Off by default)

Support for landscape screen on iPhone in Applications.


Add: dark mode in application
(It does not work unless tweak is enabled)

Add: share menu

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