iOS 13, 14, 15, 16




firmware (>= 13.0), gsc.nfc


nintendo amiibo ntag writing app

Requires a device compatible with iPhone 7 or later NFC reader.

An app to make your own amiibo using ntag215 and a jailbroken or TrollStore iPhone.

After installation, you need to manually place the tag bin files in
/var/mobile/Documents/CattleGrid/ folder

You can use "Open doc in FIlza"

Open the app select the tag file and then press the write icon at the bottom of the screen to write it to the ntag215 you bought.

The package in BigBoss didn't work, so I made one that works on iOS 14 and above (include rootless).

Source code available on Github

App is added to homescreen.

Ho to use

  1. Create a new folder "CattleGrid" in "/var/mobile/Documents" directory in Filza.
  2. Download the bin file from Safari
  3. Copy the zip file to Filza from the File app's Share menu
  4. Move the zip file to "/var/mobile/Documents/CattleGrid/" in Filza.
    Tap the zip file to expand it
  5. Tap the amiibo you want to burn.
  6. Tap the bottom button and place "NTAG215" at the top of the screen to write



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Changes Logs


- Added compatibility with iOS 15-16
(Not tested due to lack of iOS 13-14 devices)
- Added rootless package
- Changed bin file directory path to "/var/mobile/Documents/CattleGrid/"


First release

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